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Posted: Jul 2, 2020 / 03:39 AM EDT Updated: Jul 2, 2020 / 11:54 AM EDT

Expected Rainfall in the Next Five Days

The above map from the Weather Prediction Center shows the forecast rainfall over the next 5 days (thru Tue. 7/7 am). We’re dry here in West Michigan. Showers and thunderstorms will cross the Upper Midwest and the South.

High Temperatures Today (Thu.)

Here’s forecast high temperatures for today (Thu.). Lots of 80s and 90s across the U.S. The coolest temp. on the map is 53 at Marathon, Canada – on the north shore of Lake Superior. It’s chilly there when the wind is south coming off the cold water. The Slate Island buoy near Marathon is reporting a water temp. of 39°.

National Weather Map

We are in a stagnant pattern with the weather systems staying in place. High pressure over Michigan and much of SE Canada will linger – keeping those areas mostly sunny, hot and dry.

North American Snow and Ice Cover

Here’s North American Snow and Ice Cover. Snow is pretty much confined to the highest elevations. Hudson Bay is slowly thawing out (from north to south), but is still more than 50% ice covered. Great Bear Lake is still ice covered.

This image is from the Utqiaġvik (Barrow) Sea Ice Webcam

Utqiagvik is the northernmost town in the U.S. at the northern tip of Alaska. This pic. is from 10:34 pm local time – 2:34 am EDT. This is the land of the midnight sun in mid-summer. The sun won’t set there until August 1. Utqiagvik is surrounded on 3 sides by the cold Arctic Ocean. Do take time to look at the 24 hour animation, which shows the ice dancing around offshore.

Utqiagvik is a cold, breezy place, even in summer, with very little precipitation and frequent fog and low clouds. The high/low temperature yesterday was 44/37. Annual precipitation is just 4.53″ with most of that coming as snow. Average annual snowfall here is 37.7″, about half of what the average snowfall is in Grand Rapids MI. The highest temperature ever recorded here was 79 and the coldest -56. The average high temperature in July is 47.

Also: Supercell thunderstorm in France. Cool flash of lightning. Sunset sail. Texas sunset. That’s close! Storms develop fast in Kansas. Kansas tornado. Wider view of same tornado. National High/Low temps for Wednesday July 01: 111 at Death Valley, CA; 22 at Copper Basin, ID. Saharan dust cloud seen from outer space. June 2020 saw 4044 total preliminary severe weather reports. This is below the 2010-2019 average of 4940 reports. The Rockies Derecho was the most significant event of the month. Fewest June tornadoes since 1952. Fewest number of EF2 or greater tornadoes ever (2)…previous record was 3 in 2006. A little snow lingers in the distant hills of Western Newfoundland. Lunar eclipse this weekend. Nice lightning bolt. Oil spill in Russia. Megaflash of lightning (interesting).