Storms Last Wed. had 95 mph Winds

June 2020 was the sunniest June we have ever had in Grand Rapids. We had 6 days with 100% sunshine and 14 days with more than 95% sunshine. That was a total of 22,635 minutes of sunshine. Compared that to January, when we had just 1,988 minutes of sunshine. We had almost as minutes of sunshine from June 13-19 (6,342 min.) as we had during November and December combined (6,403 min.). The sunniest month ever in G.R. was July 1916 with 91% sunshine. That month we had 4 days of 100-degree temperatures in a row from July 27-30 and the average temp. for the month was 78.8.

Rainfall in Gr. Rapids totaled 2.84″ and that was 0.93″ below average. We had measurable rain on just 7 days during the month. There were 6 days with thunderstorms in the area and 3 of them produced strong winds. A gust of 56 mph was recorded at the Ford Airport on June 3rd. On the 10th, the peak gust was 49 mph at the G.R. Airport, though winds hit 90-100 mph in S. Van Buren and far N. Berrien Counties. The next day, an evening storm produced a gust to 48 mph.