Sunniest June Ever in Grand Rapids

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Posted: Jul 1, 2020 / 05:35 PM EDT Updated: Jul 2, 2020 / 01:18 AM EDT

June 2020 was the sunniest June we have ever had in Grand Rapids. We had 6 days with 100% sunshine and 14 days with more than 95% sunshine. That was a total of 22,635 minutes of sunshine. Compared that to January, when we had just 1,988 minutes of sunshine. We had almost as minutes of sunshine from June 13-19 (6,342 min.) as we had during November and December combined (6,403 min.). The sunniest month ever in G.R. was July 1916 with 91% sunshine. That month we had 4 days of 100-degree temperatures in a row from July 27-30 and the average temp. for the month was 78.8.

Sunniest June ever in Grand Rapids

Rainfall in Gr. Rapids totaled 2.84″ and that was 0.93″ below average. We had measurable rain on just 7 days during the month. There were 6 days with thunderstorms in the area and 3 of them produced strong winds. A gust of 56 mph was recorded at the Ford Airport on June 3rd. On the 10th, the peak gust was 49 mph at the G.R. Airport, though winds hit 90-100 mph in S. Van Buren and far N. Berrien Counties. The next day, an evening storm produced a gust to 48 mph.

June Weather Summary from the National Weather Service

The average wind speed in G.R. was 8.1 mph in June. We had one morning with brief heavy fog and the average relative humidity was 65%.

Despite the below average rainfall, many area rivers still have above average flow. The Grand River in Grand Rapids has a flow of 4,530 cubic feet per second, compared to an average flow of 2,330 cfs. The Kalamazoo River at Comstock has a flow of 1,900 cfs, compared to an average flow of 743 cfs.