Another 90-Degree Day

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Posted: Jul 3, 2020 / 03:23 AM EDT Updated: Jul 3, 2020 / 04:10 AM EDT

Number of 90-degree days in Grand Rapids

Thursday (July 1) was the 4th 90-degree day of the year in Grand Rapids and today should be the 5th. Here’s a look at the number of 90-degree days over the last few years. This year, we probably won’t reach the 32 we had in 2012 (that total included two days that hit 100°), but we could certainly come up to the 19 we had in and 2016 and 2018.

You can see that the number of 90-degree days varies quite as bit. We didn’t make 90° all summer in 2014 and also in 1951. In 1988, we reached 90-degrees 37 times. Fourteen of those days made it to 95° (including 5 days in a row) and one day to 100°. The following year, we had only one day that hit 90°. In 1988, Grand Rapids had only 1/4″ of rain in the entire month of June. With no moisture in the ground, the air was dry that month and the sun could really heat the ground (and the ground heats the air above it). There was a higher percentage of the sun’s energy going to sensible heating. The dry air also cooled at night. If I remember right, we had 10 days that hit 90° in June 1988 and also 10 mornings with low temperatures in the 40s.

Severe Weather Outlook Map for Fri. July 3

This is the Severe Weather Outlook Map from the Storm Prediction Center for today (Fri. 7/3). Much of Lower Michigan is in the (light ) General Thunderstorm Outlook Area. While there is an outside chance of a thundershower, many areas will stay dry…and the overall pattern is dry into early next week, so …we could use some rain for the crops and gardens.

Snow July 1 at Togwotee Pass in Wyoming

While much of the country is hot, there is some cool air out west. This is Togwotee Pass in Wyoming. They had about an inch of snow on the ground Wednesday morning. The pass is at 9,658 feet above sea level. From the pass you can often look west and see the Teton Mountains.

Also: At midnight, the water temperature of Reeds Lake was 81 degrees. Beautiful sunset in Yellowstone N.P. Two pics. of iridescent clouds and one of a shadow cast by a distant thunderstorm. Lightning strike on a golf course in Arkansas. Pretty rainbow in the Outer Banks. Sunset under a big ol’ cumulus cloud. National High/Low temps for Thursday July 02: 111 at Death Valley, CA; 22 at 12 miles northeast of Sand Creek Station, OR. Shelf cloud in Maine. Beautiful Diablo Lake. Nebraska tornado. Royal Gorge, Colorado – it’s a long way down. Heavy rain in Ukraine.