Far Away Thundershowers

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Posted: Jul 4, 2020 / 03:50 AM EDT Updated: Jul 4, 2020 / 03:50 AM EDT

Two thundershowers in the distant northeast viewed from Comstock Park

I took this picture in the late afternoon looking northeast from Comstock Park. Two thundershowers developed in the heat of the day. They are a good 100 miles away. With no other clouds, it was easy to spot them from far away. Now look at the picture below:

Alpena looking south at the two thundershowers

This is a view of the same two storms looking south from Alpena. Alpena is about 185 miles away as the crow flies. You could probably see these thundershowers from just about 125 miles in any direction. Below is one more picture I took from Comstock Park facing southeast:

Looking Southeast from Comstock Park

This picture shows a cloud that was a brief shower down near Gun Lake in Barry County. Look below on the storm total rainfall map from doppler radar:

Storm Total Rainfall from Doppler Radar Friday July 3

Right around G.R. (Kent Co.) – that’s not rain – so ignore that…but you can see the little blue dot in Barry Co. You can also see the two thundershowers north and northeast of Big Rapids. There were two brief, little showers in Lake County and a couple showers northeast of Coldwater. I saw one of those showers while kayaking at Crockery Lake far to the southeast. It looked like a giant ice cream cone. Note that there were no showers in the lakeshore counties, where the wind off the lake kept it a few degrees cooler, the air was more stable, so no rain there.

We remain in a very dry pattern into early next week…be grateful for any rain you might get.