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Posted: Jul 4, 2020 / 04:31 AM EDT Updated: Jul 4, 2020 / 05:07 AM EDT

kayaking at Crockery Lake Friday evening July 3

Both Thursday and Friday evening, I drove to Crockery Lake and paddled around the lake – twice Thursday evening (inc. a stop at the county park for a swim) and once Friday evening. Both evenings were perfect warm with fairly light winds.

Along the way, I had 3 deer cross right in front of me. Did some moderate braking to miss the third one. Both nights I had turkeys cross the road in front of me, also necessitating some braking. At the lake there were ducks, lots of geese at the west end of the lake…I saw several turtles and a big fish jumped in front of me…no herons this time, but several kingfishers were perched high in dead trees.

Friday evening, they had their fireworks – shot up from a cow pasture at the west end of the lake. Almost every home or cottage on the lake was full of people enjoying the lake’s warm water…so many laughing, giggling children – fun to watch.

Sunset Thursday evening July 2

This was sunset Thursday evening – viewed from the parking lot of Trinity Lutheran School – awesome place to watch a summer sunset. The sun is disappearing behind a small thundershower that is about 65 miles southwest of Green Bay, Wisconsin. It could have been 150 miles away.

Roses and daisies at the Steffen house

Maybe it’s just that I’ve been home pretty much for the last 3 1/2 months, but the flowers in my yard have been outstanding this year. This rose bush is well over 30 years old…maybe closer to 40. So many beautiful flowers this year. Wild daisies spring up in front of them.

Our two cats – Nimbus (top) and Sir Yum

You’ve probably seen my two cats on TV while I’m in the “man cave” doing weather. Both cats were strays that were at the Humane Society. We got them as kittens and they are now 11 years old. The mostly white cat is “Sir Yum” and was Gayle’s mother’s cat. When she passed away, we took the cat. He’s a big male – been up to 25 pounds – and spends much of the day sleeping. The smaller cat is “Nimbus”. She’s a female, 11 pounds and she sleeps a lot, too. Sometimes they are down in the basement, but just not in camera view. We continue to change the background a little each day.

Here’s one more picture of sunset at Crockery Lake. There were some thin cirrus clouds in the sky. Those “high” clouds are made up of ice crystals. While it’s 90 degrees here at the ground, it’s well below freezing 6 miles up where these clouds are located.

Also: Wow! Look at the July snowfall in Norway. Winds as high as 100 mph confirmed in storms the night of June 26. Waves at Lake Michigan most of the time from 6″ – 15″. Major flooding in Japan. Video of the flooding. A thin layer of smoke from forest fires in Siberia has made it to the U.S. West Coast. Cloud casting a sky shadow. Today’s rainbow.