Michigan coronavirus cases near 70,000

The uptick in Michigan’s COVID-19 cases takes a slight dip as the state reported 390 new cases and 1 new death on Sunday afternoon. 

The total number of coronavirus cases has reached 69,338 with 6,068 deaths, according to Michigan’s official coronavirus website. This includes 7,438 probable cases and 246 probable deaths. 

The number of cases topped 600 on three different days last week including Saturday’s 653 case count, a daily count that hasn’t been seen since May. 

Last week’s 3,415 new coronavirus cases were the most added in a week over a six-week period. 

While the number of COVID-19 related deaths have consistently been low, cases were seeing an upward trend after Michigan was one of the only state’s with data showing virus infections slowed. 

On Sunday, Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist said there are “some concerns” about what’s been going on in Michigan. 

“We’re proud that the people of Michigan stepped up in the beginning and really did what they needed to do to be able to slow the growth of our curve,” said Gilchrist on CNN’s “Inside Politics.”

“It enabled us to be able to reengage some activities very carefully, but as these cases pick up we’re concerned … we’ve been seeing these sort of individual events that have led to the spread happening in preventable ways.”

Gilchrist referenced the almost 200 coronavirus cases that were linked to the East Lansing bar, Harper’s Brew and Pub

The Health Department of Northwest Michigan said several individuals tested positive for the virus after Torch Lake was crowded with people during the Fourth of July weekend. 

Detroit continues to report the highest numbers for coronavirus among Michigan cities with a total of 11,932 cases and 1,458 deaths as of Sunday.

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