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Posted: Jul 14, 2020 / 02:41 AM EDT Updated: Jul 15, 2020 / 12:26 AM EDT

After a larger breakfast that I am used to (but really good!), we headed north on the backroads through NW Newaygo and Lake County. We stopped more than several times along the way.

Flowers at the Minnie Pond Campgrond

One stop was at the Minnie Pond Campground. There is a small dam there that creates a small pond. The picture above is some purple flowers (knapweed?) alongside the small man-made pond on Mena Creek. We drove through the campground and saw only one camper…a rather young woman with a dog. When I got out of the car in the forested campground, I immediately attracted more than several flies (looked like deer flies).

Benton Lake

The above pic. is Benton Lake – the water was fairly clear here at the boat launch – no boats on the lake and it looked like the lake was all surrounded by forest. It was a bright, clear day with a crisp, blue sky and a gentle northwest wind. Temperatures rose into the mid-upper 70s on the car thermometer as the day unfolded.

Another pic. of Benton Lake

On the way north, we must have passed a dozen lakes…Nichols Lake, the Chain of Lakes. In between the land varied from National Forest to farm.

Old tree in the forest alongside the road

Here’s an old tree near the side of the road. There were several holes in the tree where you could see right through. How long had it been there? What did it look like when it was a healthy tree? What little creatures had made their home in the decaying trunk?

Rural Road – probably northwest of Baldwin

We drove through this gauntlet of trees, past Big Star Lake – lots of boats on that lake.

Along the Manistee River

This was a boat launch along the Manistee River. The water looked relatively clear and was flowing at a nice pace on the journey to Lake Michigan. There were quite a few vehicles there – trailers from fishing boats, a group of tubers. a handful of people landed here with there kayaks.

We ended up at Traverse City…had a nice glass of wine and some cheese at Brys (see first pic. above) – joined by my daughter (#3) and her husband. You get quite the view there – an umbrella shielded us from the bright sun. Then we went to the Peninsula Grill. I was wearing a Sleder’s “I kissed the moose” t-shirt. Well, the owners of Sleders just happened to be at the Peninsula Grill – and got a kick out of seeing one of their shirts. I told them that “moose” was a big thing to Gayle and myself. The first time she told me she loved me, it was in Swedish (she’s half Swedish) and it sounded like “sweet moose”. People up here seem to be doing a great job of wearing their masks when they need to and doing the social distancing.

We have a lady coming to take care of our cats at home, take in the mail, do a few chores. The adventure continues and I’ll write more as the week goes on.