Vacation – Friday July 17

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Posted: Jul 18, 2020 / 02:16 AM EDT Updated: Jul 18, 2020 / 02:16 AM EDT

Looking west back toward the ferry landing

The top pic. is looking west, back toward the boat ferry. The ferry landing on the island has a very large flag on a very high pole and you can see it from miles around if you have a clear view. Friday, the island had just shy of 100% sunshine. There were a very few passing cirrus. The midday/afternoon cumulus clouds were mainly over the larger land areas of Lower Michigan to the south (which you can see in the pic. below) and the eastern U.P. to the north.

After a little breakfast, we drove to Snake Island, where I was going to hike and maybe try and walk to the island. When the water level of Lake Huron is very low and the waves are very small, you can actually walk to the island without getting wet. When the water is very high like it is now, you have to walk through water 3-4 feet deep – and add the waves on top of that.

When we got to the parking area, very quickly a number of what looked like deer flies were flying around my windshield…then two of the biggest flies I have ever seen! So…no thanks…we opted to go back to the tiny general store where they had ice cream. For the third day in a row, my wife got the $3 baby-sized dish, and I got the $5 double scoop of cherry.

We went back to the B &B. Gayle wanted an hour nap…I took off walking west to get some exercise.

Along West Huron Road – on the South Side of the Island

This is the road that runs next to the water for most of the south side of the island. It’s mostly gravel and cars that pass kick up a lot of dust, which you can see in the distance. At this point, residents have a sprinkler system that turns on during the day and waters down the road every so often. Note the damp road on the left in the foreground. I went for about a 3-mile walk down this road and at one point I had to stop and wait for the sprinkles to finish before I could move on.

Purple flowers on my walk

There were so many different wildflowers to see on my walk. It’s mid-summer, the blue chickory and white Queen Anne’s lace line the roadsides. There are wild daisies, the yellow hairy puccoon and these pretty purple flowers.

I walked down to where the Hoover (vacuum cleaner guy) Family had a cottage. There is an old pier there that has seen better days. It’s a nice place to swim and I eventually swam around. I got a water temp. of 72° in about 4″ of water at the shore. When I swam out into deeper water, it felt a touch cooler than that. There were several families with little kids that were laughing and just having a ball in the water.

Fishing Pier at Thompson Lake

We grabbed a snack and headed 5 miles east to Thompson Lake. Most all of the lake is surrounded by forest. There was one small boat on the lake. We watched a pair of birds diving into the water to get a small fish (and I saw that one of the birds got one). Some people came to fish with their kids. They recognized me – they were from Ionia…and what did they talk about? My cats and the changing backgrounds in the “man-cave”. They did not catch any fish – nor did a second family that arrived later.

Beaver Lodge at Thompson Lake

Just west of the fishing pier is a very nice beaver lodge. There is plenty of wood (they especially like aspen and poplar) and there’s plenty of yummy aquatic vegetation to keep them happy (they do not eat fish). Both beavers were out swimming around the pier, but I didn’t get a good picture at them.

Back to the beach in the evening…for another glorious sunset. We had a late dinner and I went back to reading Treasure Island – about 3/4ths through right now. We leave the island and head for home tomorrow.