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Posted: Jul 22, 2020 / 02:07 AM EDT Updated: Jul 22, 2020 / 02:07 AM EDT

Nimbus the cat

Since COVID-19 appeared, I’ve done a pretty good job of sheltering at home. I didn’t drive my car for over 2 months at one point. On the rare occasions when I have been out recently and I get recognized, just about everyone makes a remark either about my cat(s) or the changing backgrounds from the “man-cave”. The pic. above shows some fresh fruits and vegetables – most all of them from a local farm market. Nimbus the cat is sitting comfortably in the background in the basket. She’s the cat you’re most apt to see.

Nimbus the kitten – fall of 2009

I have two cats. Both were strays that we got from the local Humane Society. Neither one is a “lap cat”, but both like being with us. Above is a picture of Nimbus as a kitten. That pic. was probably taken in the fall of 2009. Since both cats are around 11 year old, they’re on the early edge of being “senior cats”. They no longer jump up on top of the kitchen cupboards.

Sir Yum – the Male cat

Our second cat is “Sir Yum”. This cat belonged to Gayle’s mom and we took her when mom passed away. Mom called it “Yum, Yum”, but we thought it needed a little more distinguished name. Sir Yum is a big cat…24 pounds. It sleeps a lot and spends most the time upstairs. He’s friendly with strangers and pretty much afraid of nothing.

Nimbus on the table

Nimbus (above) on the other hand will run and hide when we get out the vacuum cleaner or when there is loud thunder or fireworks. It’s interesting – she will sit right next to me when I’m using the electric shaver…no problem with that noise…but she’s really afraid of the vacuum. Nimbus weighs half of what Sir Yum weighs…but when they rumble, it’s always Nimbus that wins the battle. I just checked and the video of the cats “fighting” is up to 416,431 views on YouTube. There’s over 1,200 comments that I’ll have to look through someday. It was also shown on Jimmy Kimmel. Nimbus likes to chase wads of paper that I scrunch up and flick with my finger.

Neither cat has any interest in going outside or out into the garage. We could leave the doors open all day (we don’t) and they’d still be here in the house. When we go away, we have a cat sitter come in and take care of them. It’s only occasionally they are on TV – sometimes they are sleeping (cats sleep 12-14 hours a day…Sir Yum aboug 18 hours a day), sometimes they are upstairs and sometimes one of them is down in the man-cave…just not on TV.

Bill’s “man-cave

Here’s a wide view of the “man-cave”…showing the TVU that I look into when I’m on TV. There is a ring of adjustable LED lights. There are nearly a dozen “steps” that I go through to turn everything on and off (the dehumidifier – washer – drier). We’ve lived here since March 1978…that’s truly 1970’s paneling. I use my I-phone to get sound in my ear. It truly is a man-cave – I’m down here a lot in winter. I have a wood insert that heats the room and it’s a cozy place when it’s chilly and windy outside. Gayle prefers upstairs. Can you see the cat in the basket on the table?

Gayle and I have been changing the backgrounds most every day…This day we featured produce we got from a nearby farm market. One day we had a group of Care Bears roasting marshmallows over a campfire.