Earthquake Rocks Alaska

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Posted: Jul 22, 2020 / 02:52 AM EDT Updated: Jul 22, 2020 / 01:04 PM EDT

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck early this Weds. morning about 75 miles south of Chignik, Alaska. A TSUNAMI WARNING was issued for South Alaska and the Alaska Peninsula, from Kennedy Entrance to Unimak Pass. Tsunami Warning sirens are blaring! The depth was initially listed as 6.2 miles and the time of the quake was 2:13 am EDT. There were more than a dozen aftershocks with magnitudes between 4.5 and 6.1. The quake was felt strongly on the Alaska Peninsula and lightly as far away as Anchorage, over 500 miles to the northeast. No reports of significant damage have been received as I write this.

Areas in Red under a Tsunami Warning
Tsunami Warning Times

In the event that a significant tsunami was generated by this quake…these are the times that the wave will propagate across the Pacific Ocean.

Here’s an up and down of about 9-11 feet

Here’s a buoy up and down of over 3,5 meters (over 11 feet) – that’s significant. Check out this pic. of a line of headlights as vehicles flee to higher ground. Tsunamis are shorter and move faster in the deep ocean. As the tsunami approaches a shoreline, it slows down and the wave becomes taller. A tsunami is a *series* of waves. The first wave may not be the tallest. Update: Water levels at Sand Point, AK station only reached 0.69 ft above predicted. This was good news.


Washington/Oregon not in the tsunami warning. Water receded briefly in Kodiak, Alaska – not a good sign. More siren video. 5.7 magnitude aftershock around 3:30 am EDT.

Tropical Storm Forming – heading thru the Antilles and into the Caribbean Sea

And…we have a tropical storm forming…it’ll move through the Antilles and then into the Caribbean Sea. Also…A landslide has buried at least 18 houses in Lamjung, Nepal.

Also: Damage at Bishop Baraga Catholic School in Cheboygan is worse than expected.