Teacher gives advice for parents preparing for upcoming school year

HAMILTON, Mich. (WOOD) — As parents prepare to send kids to the classroom, whether that be in person or online, News 8 talked to a local teacher to get his advice on how best to brace for another year of learning during the pandemic. 

Andy Losik, a STEM teacher at Hamilton Community Schools, said communication is key when it comes to setting goals with your kids. 

“We talked about this in March, the importance of setting a schedule,” Losik said. “But in March there were so many unknowns, you know, the virus was new to us and we were worried about the food supply and toilet paper and all that. Even though it’s still a major issue, the world has settled down a little bit that way.” 

Losik suggested taking the time to plan out what a day will look like. Also, set rewards. For example, trade working on homework for an evening at the beach. He also said having consequences for not meeting expectations is important. 

“This gives families a real opportunity to have those discussions and plan out together. OK, what’s our day going to look like,” Losik said.

He also talked about preparations for online learning. Hamilton Community Schools will take a hybrid approach, but Losik said they’re prepared if they have to go entirely online. Losik also said teachers are much better prepared now than back in March. 

They’ve developed online-specific curriculum. It includes engaging students more during face-to-face video time rather than using just lectures. It also includes making time over Zoom or Skype for students to talk with each other — adding back in the social aspect they might miss.

Educators are also putting more safeguards in place, so kids don’t fall behind.

You can read Losik’s latest blog post with links to resources for parents here. 

Losik has a blog where parents can find educational resources.