Tornado and Severe Thunderstorm Watches in 2020

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Posted: Aug 5, 2020 / 01:41 AM EDT Updated: Aug 5, 2020 / 01:41 AM EDT

Tornado Watches in 2020

This map shows the Tornado Watches issued by the Storm Prediction Center so far in 2020. 117 is a low total. Note the lack of tornado watches in Michigan. Berrien Co. had one – that’s it. Tornado activity was concentrated in the Southern U.S. in late winter and early/mid spring. There has been a lack of major tornadoes this year in the Plains States.

Severe Thunderstorm Watches so far in 2020

This map shows Severe Thunderstorm Watches so far in 2020. Now you can see the concentration of severe weather in the Plains. Look at the storms they’ve had this year in New Jersey.

Michigan Severe Weather in 2020

Michigan averages 16 tornadoes per year. This year, we have had none. We’ve had 46 reports of severe criteria hail (1″ in diameter or greater). Those are represented by green dots on the map above. We’ve also had 234 reports of wind damage (or measured winds of 58 mph or greater). There’s been a lack of severe weather in the eastern U.P.

Thirteen states plus the District of Columbia have had no tornadoes this year. The state with the most tornadoes is Mississippi (108), followed by Texas (94), Alabama (70) and Georgia (65). The day with the most tornadoes was April 12 (159). The U.S. had 25 tornado fatalities in March and 40 fatalities in April, but we’ve had only 2 tornado fatalities since the end of April.