Missing Illinois woman believed to be in Kalamazoo

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (WOOD) — The family of a missing mother from Illinois thinks she could be in the Kalamazoo area and is asking for help. 

Laura Wolfe-Orlovich, 46, of Marion, Illinois has not been seen in three weeks. 

Her daughter, Amber Whitlock-Wolfe, says family and friends have not heard from her since the middle of July. 

“The last time anybody has actually physically spoke to her, she stated she was stuck in Kalamazoo, Michigan and she desperately needed to get home, and that was the last time anybody has had contact with her,” Amber said. 

Her mom’s roommates in Marion, Illinois say she agreed to help an acquaintance she met through a mutual friend. 

“On July 15th, my mom told her roommates that she was going to be going up north with a guy named Snoop. Snoop was also there and confirmed that I guess his son had been shot and killed near Chicago and he needed to get up there so that he could handle family matters, but his license was supposedly suspended,” Amber said. 

Undated courtesy photo of Laura Wolfe-Orlovich.
Undated courtesy photo of Laura Wolfe-Orlovich.

She says her mom agreed to drive the man’s car and called her roommates the next day who heard yelling in the background. Laura asked them to help her get a train or bus ticket home. Early the following morning she called the friend again. 

“They couldn’t really hear anything with him screaming over my mom in the background and so she ended up texting my mom some information in regards to a bus ticket and that was at 2:19 in the morning,” Amber said. 

No one has heard from Laura since and Amber believes she could still be in the Kalamazoo area. 

“She doesn’t know anybody in Michigan. She was in Kalamazoo because I guess the gentleman that she left with has family there and so the only thing the last thing that we know,” Amber said. 

  • Undated courtesy photo of Laura Wolfe-Orlovich.
  • An undated courtesy photo of Laura Wolfe-Orlovich and her family.

Amber has been passing out fliers and posting on social media trying to help find out what happened. 

“I hope that she’s out there and I hope that we can get her home,” Amber said. “Even if the worst has happened I still want to get her home because she deserves that.” 

The Marion Police Department declined to comment to News 8 citing the open investigation. 

If you know anything about what happened to the missing 46-year-old woman, call police. You can reach investigators in Marion, Illinois at 618.993.2124.