How far away is the storm?

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Posted: Aug 14, 2020 / 11:15 PM EDT Updated: Aug 14, 2020 / 11:16 PM EDT

Here’s a picture I took this evening just before sunset looking to the northeast. This is a cumulonimbus cloud, you’re typical thunderstorm cloud with the billowing main cloud and the anvil top. This was a relatively small thundershower and it didn’t have much lightning. When I looked at the lightning tracker, I saw only 3 flashes.

Grand Rapids radar at 8:48 pm

This is the Grand Rapids radar from 8:48 pm. You can see the small thundershower, mainly in southern Clare County. It was northwest of Mt. Pleasant and east of Big Rapids. The thundershower formed rather quickly, drifted to the northwest and faded away after little more than an hour as the sun set.

Small thunderstorm anvil looking north from just west of Coopersville

I took this picture looking north Thursday around 6 pm. I was just west of Coopersville. You can see a small thunderstorm anvil. How far away was the rain?

Radar and distance on thundershower 8 13 20
Just after sunset at the Muskegon Channel

This is just after sunset at the Muskegon Channel. The high temperature at the Muskegon Channel was 85 at 2 pm…then the lake breeze kicked in and the temperature fell to 78 by 3 pm. The high at the S. Haven beach was 81 at noon and the high at the Port Sheldon buoy was 78.

THe Muskegon Airport reached 91. Kalamazoo made it to 91 and the Holland Airport topped out at 90. Grand Rapids had a high temp. of 89.

Storm Total Rainfall for August 14

This is storm total rainfall for Friday, August 14. Most of us were dry. There were showers and storms in SE Michigan. Jackson had 1.45″ of rain and 1.56″ fell at Adrian. The bright red in Fulton Co. Ohio indicates 3-5″ of rain. Waukon OH had 3.7″ of rain. Also in Fulton Co. there was a partial roof collapse from heavy rain accumulation on a flat roof. Water covered US 20 with one vehicle stranded. One-inch diameter hail pelted the towns of Zone and Fayette, where some tree limbs were down.