2 urns left at Goodwill in Cedar Springs

CEDAR SPRINGS, Mich. (WOOD) — Goodwill is a place to find unusual treasures at a good price, but you wouldn’t expect to find two urns that appear to be filled with remains.

That’s what happened in Cedar Springs. Now, the store is trying to bring them back to their families.

Two urns were dropped off on the same day on two separate occasions, and there are only a few clues to where they belong.

“We get a lot of interesting things,” said Katie Chrisman, manager at the Cedar Springs Goodwill. “It’s very interesting to go through the stuff and see what we get on a daily basis.”

While you can find some strange things, Chrisman says this is “definitely the most interesting ever.”

On July 22, two different people pulled through the drop-off and left urns in their donations pile.

Chrisman thinks it was done by mistake.

The first urn is small, black with gold details. It was covered in bubble wrap. There is no name or date to help identify who’s inside.

However, an employee believes it was dropped off by a woman driving a silver Impala who said she was downsizing and moving into a camper.

The second urn, employees initially thought it was a paperweight. It’s a silver heart with gold leaves and the name “Kate” — the same name of the store’s manager.

“That was very odd, a little disturbing,” she said.

Now, she’s trying to find where this Kate belong. She put a post on Facebook three weeks ago. It was shared thousands of times, generating about a dozen calls from people who thought it was their loved one, but no luck.

Chrisman is holding on to them until she finds the families.

“Share it, spread the word. Let’s get it out there and get these back where they belong,” she said.

Anyone with information can call the Cedar Springs store at 616.696.1781.