Kalamazoo man dies aboard boat near Alpena

ALPENA, Mich. (WOOD) — Authorities say a Kalamazoo man died on a sailboat he had just bought for his family and was using it to sail around the Lower Peninsula.

Dispatchers received a distress call from a 30-foot boat around 12:20 p.m. Thursday, north of Thunder Bay Island in Lake Huron.

Investigators say the 77-year-old bought the sailboat in Sandusky, Ohio, and was sailing back around Michigan.

Deputies say the boat was just off the coast of Alpena when he collapsed and stopped breathing.

His adult son and wife called for help. But the man was pronounced dead on the boat after firefighters arrived, deputies say.

Rescuers had to brave rough waves to get to the boat, according to the Alpena County Sheriff’s Office.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources and federal officers helped transfer the man’s body back to shore.