Vicksburg: Infants shouldn’t drink water due to manganese

SCHOOLCRAFT TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — A do-not-drink advisory has been issued for infants in Vicksburg because of elevated manganese levels.

The village says it’s a precautionary advisory for infants 12 months old or younger.

According to a news release, manganese levels as high as 320 parts per billion have been found. That’s above the Environmental Protection Agency limit for infants of 300 parts per billion.

The EPA allows levels up to 1,000 parts per billion for anyone older than 12 months.

The village notes some manganese is needed for the human body to function, but too much can be harmful. Officials say too much manganese is linked to learning and behavior problems.

Vicksburg officials are say they are working to solve the issue.

“We’ve assembled an incredible team of engineers and health professionals, seeking their guidance throughout this whole process,” Village Manager Jim Mallery said. “We are thoroughly committed to being transparent with our public, continually communicating with them, ensuring that we are delivering safe water to every citizen of this community and visitor.” 

Bottled water should be used for those 12 months old or younger.

The water is being tested again, and the results are expected next week.

Those needing bottled water for infants can call 269.649.1919 to arrange for delivery.