Black family’s window smashed, vehicles vandalized with racist words in Warren

Warren — Police are investigating a brazen attack on a home of a Black family in Warren who found their picture window smashed out by a large rock, racial threats written on cars and tires slashed.

Candace Hall and husband Eddie Hall Jr. were watching TV in their living room around 9:30 p.m. Wednesday when he heard some odd noises that got his attention.

Eddie Hall Jr. and his wife Candace stand in front of the broken front window of their Warren home, September 10, 2020. In an attack on the home Wednesday evening, a large rock was thrown through the window, racial threats were written on their car and several tires were slashed.

“We heard a hissing sound. I thought he opened up a pop,” Candace said.

Eddie looked outside and saw a man hiding behind a car waving to someone else, Candace said. He turned to get his gun from another room.

“As I was walking through the room, all I hear is a crash,” Candace said. “Glass was flying. I dropped to the floor and started crawling. I was scared. My husband says ‘call the police.'”

The rock, which Candace says would have required two hands to throw, had broken through the family’s large window in the front of the house on Tallman. It landed on the top of the family couch, leaving broken glass everywhere.

Eddie Hall Jr. inspects the tire damage to his son's car outside his Warren home, Sept. 10, 2020. In an attack on the home Wednesday evening, a large rock was thrown through the window, racial threats were written on their vehicles and several tires were slashed.

The couple’s 18-year-old son also was home at the time.

Police arrived and began searching outdoors, Candace said. That’s when they found the tires slashed on three family cars and threats on the vehicles that included “terrorist black lives matter” and “not welcome” with a swastika.

Candace posted a video of the damage on Facebook, saying she has had a Black Lives Matter sign out front for two months. She believes the attack was racially motivated.

Editor’s note: Strong language and hate speech in video

“There is tension around here. We are good with neighborhood. There is tension because of Black Lives Matter and white supremacists,” Candace said.

Warren police commissioner William Dwyer said the victim told police he saw an unknown male in a ski mask and hoodie running away from the house and across a nearby road. 

“I’ve talked to Mayor (James) Fouts and we are taking this very seriously,” Dwyer said Thursday. “This type of behavior will not be tolerated in the city of Warren.”

In a Facebook post, Fouts called the incident “a cowardly act of what appears to be a racially motivated attack on a home and vehicle of an African American family in Warren.”

“Our city is a true melting pot of many different races and religions. All help to make Warren a good community,” Fouts wrote. “They are all welcome but those who would peddle hate and cause destruction are NOT welcome in Warren and should be aware that our city leadership and myself in particular will never stop in pursuit of justice.”

He urged anyone with information to call police at (586) 574-4877 or his office at (586) 574-4520.

Dwyer said evidence techs were on the scene, searching for clues and evidence on the vehicles and in and around the home. 

“We are looking at video now. We have canvassed homes,” Dwyer said.

No one was physically injured, he said.

Candace said she is not removing her BLM sign and she is not leaving Warren, where she and her family have lived for more than five years.

Both she and her husband are Army veterans and also have a 16-year-old daughter who was not home at the time of the incident.

“We have no clue who did this. We don’t know. We speak to everybody. When driving by, you raise your hand or blow your (car) horn,” Candace said. ‘We are outgoing and welcoming. We speak to everybody.”

Some neighbors have come by to apologize for what the family is going through, she said.

“We are shook up from this. We are not running. I am not going to take my sign down. We are not leaving. We are standing our ground,” Candace said.

“I want people to know we are not hateful people. We are forgiving people. We are praying for them and that God will take the hate out of their hearts.”

Dwyer said the department is looking for the public’s help in the case and is getting ready to offer a reward. Confidential tips can be phoned to Dwyer 586-574-4803