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Posted: Sep 14, 2020 / 03:12 AM EDT Updated: Sep 14, 2020 / 03:13 AM EDT

A little break from the weather. I got up and watched our church service on line, then got a little fruit and some coffee. I always go outside and look at weather – get the paper if Gayle hasn’t done that already and check the weather on the computer.

Then we headed over to my oldest daughter’s house. She runs an animal rescue. She had taken in a mother cat and a bunch of kittens and I got to hold a couple of them for awhile. Cute little things fell asleep in my hands. We had the Lions game on – by the time we left, the Lions were up 23-6 and they were just starting the fourth quarter.

We had a few gift cards we hadn’t used, so we picked one from Brann’s and went down there for an early dinner. We were at a booth, well-separated social-distancing…food was good, as always and they had the game on. When we got there the score was now 23-20. Lions had the ball, they’ll be OK. Well…they’re the Lions….interception, Bears touchdown, Lions throw a winning pass…uh…he dropped it! Michigan did set a world’s record for most people groaning at the same time.

Squirrel at my bird feeder

We had taken the bird feeders down to do some weeding and this little squirrel, who lives up in that big silver maple tree you see top right, let me get pretty close to take his picture. On the way home, coming up Alpine Avenue, we saw a tiny squirrel try and cross Alpine Ave. I didn’t think this was going to send well – we slowed way down. The squirrel got to the middle of the road, with traffic whizzing by. It was in a panic and started back to the west side of the road where it came from. It managed to run under a slow moving car, then quickly around another car and made it back to the grass.

Soybean field next to the Alpine Athletic Field

After that, I decided to go walking at the Alpine Athletic Field. This is looking southeast across a soybean field that is yellowing up. To the southeast, you could see blue sky.

Looking west at the Alpine Athletic Field 9 13 20

Now, this is looking west. The sky is more of a milky white because of smoke from the Western forest and wildfires. You don’t smell the smoke here at the ground level, it’s several miles above the ground. With the recent rain, the grass is green and growing.

Caterpillar at the Alpine Athletic Field 9 13 20

This caterpillar was by the side of the path going at a steady clip. This might be a yellow bear. Looked like you could pet it, but I do know that at least one kind of caterpillar can sting and I didn’t want to disturb it. Maybe someone reading the blog knows more about caterpillars than I do.

Mushrooms at the Alpine Athletic Field

Here’s 3 mushrooms that were all together. They had somehow missed the mower, or had done most of their growing in the last 48 hours. The big one would have made a nice umbrella for that caterpillar.

Dandelion at the Alpine Athletic Field

While we think of dandelions as a spring flower, they can bloom in the late summer or fall. I picked a yellow dandelion on Christmas Day 1982, when the temperature reached 65 degrees in G.R. A plant that is growing where you don’t want it to grow is a weed. Some weeds can have attractive flowers.

Then back home. I paid a bill, sorted some papers, fed the cats, watched the 10 pm news and am now doing some computer time. It was a good day.