Richland-area corn maze calls for unity

RICHLAND TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — Gull Meadow Farms near Richland has chosen a unifying message for its 2020 corn maze.

The farm picked “Stronger Together” as its theme. When viewed from above, the design shows people locking arms. Hearts serving as some of the letters in the phrase.

Manager Justin Wendzel says it is meant to bring people together in a very difficult year.

“With the whole COVID in mind, the George Floyd incident in mind, the elections in mind,” Wendzel said, “everything kind of culminated at once and we just wanted to bring a message of hope, a message of conversation.”

The farm decided this year required a different approach from previous designs.

“Usually we try to pick something that’s happening in the area, that’s going to draw attention or something to highlight our state,” Wendzel said.

Gull Meadow Farms says visitors are encouraged by the call for unity in divisive times. 

“It’s really been very welcoming. It’s really been very supportive,” Wendzel said.

The precision of the maze would make you think it was created through a high-tech process, but Wendzel says it comes from years of trial and error.

“We basically paint the entire maze down on the ground and then will go through there and then we’ll mow the path,” Wendzel said.

Even though corn will eventually be harvested and the maze destroyed, the farm hopes it will make an impact for years to come.

“As long as people are listening to the heart behind it and are willing to ask questions if they don’t understand, I think it’s something that we could definitely see ourselves continuing to do in future years,” Wendzel said.

If you want to visit the maze, the farm is asking people to buy tickets in advance because of COVID-19 capacity restrictions.