Cool Pics. from Alaska

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Posted: Oct 4, 2020 / 12:02 AM EDT Updated: Oct 4, 2020 / 02:31 AM EDT

This is a screen grab I got from the Utqiagvic (Barrow), Alaska webcam. That looks to be me like a fogbow. The temperature at the time of the picture was 34°, give or take a degree – so (slightly) above freezing. Today (Sun.) at Utqiagvic, the sun climbs to only 14° above the horizon at solar noon. Daylight here is shrinking at the rate of ove 9 minutes per day.

Sheep Mountain, Alaska – late PM on 10 3 20

Here’s Sheep Mt. Alaska late Saturday. The mountains are covered with snow and that appears to be a glacier.

Wainwright, Alaska late PM 10 3 20

Above is a pic. of Wainwright, Alaska. the sun is low in the sky, even at noon and there are long shadows. Most days are cloudy here and a clear day like this is welcome. It’s cold, the first fall snow is sticking to the ground and not melting. Wainwright has never recorded a temperature warmer than 80°. The record coldest temperature was -56°. The Chukchi Sea freezes over in early October and usually remains frozen until early-mid July. Average family income here is $58,125 and women earn more than men.

Palmer, Alaska late PM on Sat. 110 3 20

At Palmer, Alaska – you can still see a little fall color. Snow has come to the higher elevations and it’s been raining elsewhere. Palmer is in southern Alaska, closer to Anchorage. It’s experienced a population boom, growing from 1,140 residents in 1970 to 7,500 today. All-time record temperatures at Palmer are 87° and -39F°. Their average high temperature is 23° in January and 66° in July.

24 Hour Rainfall in Alaska

Southeast Alaska has been wet, even wetter than average. Here’s some 24-hour rainfall totals. Ketchikan has had 106.42″ of rain so far this year. That’s 14.52″ above average. Juneau has had 51.39″ of precipitation and that’s 8.96″ above average. In 2019, Ketchikan had an average of 0.38″ of rain per day. The warmest temperature in 2019 was 80° and the coldest was 12°. The rainiest day was Oct. 15 with 5.6″ of rain. They had one thundershower during all of 2019.

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