Bruce Township — A parking lot brawl Saturday night in rural Macomb County involved machetes and baseball bats and ended in the arrests of five men and injuries to a woman, police said.

The melee took place about 6:30 p.m. in a Bruce Township parking lot on Van Dyke south of 35 Mile, said the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office.

The parking lot belongs to a farmers market, police said. The fight had no relation to events at the market, but stemmed from an earlier incident in Imlay City.

Police are still trying to determine exactly what happened up in Lapeer County, said Sgt. Renee Yax, a spokeswoman for the sheriff’s office. Police say the participants are all “known to one another.”

Police say two men, Toma Kejbo, 30, of Sterling Heights and Yosek Asak, 20, of Macomb Township, arrived at the parking lot in a Dodge Ram.

They were soon met by Sayel Slaiwa, 35, and Latif Patris, 68, both of Sterling Heights. Those two arrived in a Ford F-150. 

Police allege Slaiwa carried a machete, while Patris carried a baseball bat.

The four men allegedly began fighting.

As they battled, a GMC Yukon drove into the parking lot. Driver Roodi Qarchw, 21, allegedly rammed his SUV into the F-150, nearly hitting Slaiwa, police allege.

Slaiwa and Patris continued fighting, injuring a woman, 48, who was a front-seat passenger in the Yukon. She later was treated for her injuries and released from the hospital.

Police broke up the fight, and arrested five men. The participants all required medical attention.

Top left: Latif Patris, 68 Top right: Sayel Slaiwa, 35 Bottom left: Yosek Asak, 20 Bottom right: Roodi Qarchw, 21

All five were arraigned Monday at 42-1 District Court in Romeo.

Kejbo, driver of the Dodge Ram, is still in the hospital as he faces a charge of assault with a dangerous weapon.He was given a $5,000/10% bond, meaning only $500 cash would need to be paid for him to be released from jail as the case proceeds.

Asak, passenger in the Ram, faces two counts of assault with a deadly weapon. Asak was also given a $5,000/10% bond.

Slaiwa, the driver of the F-150, faces charges of assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder, and assault with a dangerous weapon. He was given a bond of $75,000/10%.

Patris, the passenger of the F-150, faces three counts of assault with a dangerous weapon. He was given a bond of $25,000/10%.

Qarchw, the driver who allegedly rammed his SUV into the F-150, was given a bond of $5,000/10%.

Macomb County Jail records on Tuesday did not show any of the suspects as inmates.

The quintet are all due back in court on Oct. 27 for a probable cause conference.