Warren — Mayor James Fouts announced a new community policing effort that starting Friday is aimed at addressing resident concerns and ensuring the safety of Warren neighborhoods ahead of Halloween.

The Halloween Fall Police Safety measures include officers assigned to a given area for directed patrol as well as patrols determined by neighborhood complaints concerning excessive speeding, abandoned cars and other chronic complaints, Fouts said.

A key focus of law enforcement in Michigan’s third largest city will be on speeding ahead of trick or treat activity on Oct. 31 Speeders can expect to get ticketed, the mayor said.

Warren Mayor James Fouts said he is having the Police Department begin to target speeding starting Friday, Oct. 16, 2020, in certain neighborhoods ahead of Oct. 31 trick or treating.

“The net result of this initiative will be more uniformed officers on patrol in neighborhoods along with establishing positive citizen and officer relationships,” Fouts said.

More police in neighborhoods will deter crime, said the mayor, who has approved  overtime for the police assignments.

Fouts noted the need for overtime is to “supplement the shortage in new officers due to hiring complications with COVID 19 and increased retirement of veteran officers.” The department, currently down 23 officers, has stepped up recruiting efforts, he said.


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