Nearly 2,400 more coronavirus cases confirmed in Michigan

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — State health officials have announced 2,367 more confirmed coronavirus in Michigan and an additional 28 associated deaths.

Eight of the deaths were discovered during a routine check of death certificates to find any that had not previously been reported to the state. In all, the virus has now been linked to 7,239 in Michigan.

Since the virus was first detected in Michigan in March, it has infected 164,274 people.

On Monday, labs in Michigan tested 41,114 samples for the virus and 2,830 came back positive, a rate of 6.88%. The number of positive tests is not the same as the number of new cases because people may be tested more than once. Additionally, testing numbers are from a single calendar date, while the number of new cases lists the increase since the last time the state compiled the data; these two time frames do not match up precisely.

Kent County alone added 219 cases in the last day, bringing its total to 13,487 since March. The number of deaths remained unchanged at 181.

Several West Michigan counties did record additional deaths:

  • Barry County: One more death for total of six; total of 624 confirmed cases.
  • Berrien County: One more death for total of 80; total of 2,489 cases.
  • Calhoun County: Two more deaths for total of 69; total of 2,540 cases.
  • Kalamazoo County: One more death for total of 103; total of 3,927 cases.
  • Montcalm County: Two more deaths for total of 13; total of 571 cases.
  • Ottawa County: One more death for total of 68; total of 4,883 cases.
  • St. Joseph County: Two more deaths for total of 19; total of 1,048 cases.
  • Van Buren County: One more death for total of 17; total of 997 cases.

The number of deaths in Mecosta County was revised down by one to four. This has not been unusual as cases are double-checked and sometimes moved between jurisdictions. It has had 501 confirmed cases.

At the start of the outbreak in March, Wayne County was seeing the worst numbers, but things have improved there. It added 300 cases in the most recent update for a total of 37,020, and the number of deaths remained unchanged at 2,880. In Oakland County, there have been 20,326 confirmed cases (305 more than the previous day) and 1,186 deaths (two more). Macomb County has had 17,545 cases (192) and 1,038 deaths (two more).

Several metrics show the outbreak is worsening in Michigan:

The seven-day average of positive test rates has been climbing and was 5.6% as of Friday. For the bulk of August and September, the the rate was closer to 3%, the threshold that public health officials say shows community spread is controlled.

Also on the rise: the seven-day average of new cases per million people per day. It now significantly higher during Michigan’s last peak in April. The Upper Peninsula, southwest Michigan and West Michigan are seeing the highest rates.

The number of deaths per day is increasing, with the seven-day average now higher than 20. It is still far below where it was in April, when it neared 160.

More COVID-19 patients are in the hospital. The number of people hospitalized statewide has jumped in the last month to nearly 1,500 confirmed or suspected COVID-19 inpatients. Spectrum Health says it now has 157 inpatients with the virus, the highest number it has seen yet.

“This is as serious as it’s been for West Michigan, period,” Dr. Darryl Elmouchi, president of Spectrum Health West Michigan, told News 8 on Monday. “…(High testing positivity rates) precedes really a lot of hospitalizations by a couple of weeks. So our big concern is what happens next week or the week after.”