Trinity Health raises minimum wage to $15 per hour

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — In a change affecting thousands of employees, people making the minimum wage at any Trinity Health hospital has had their wage bumped to $15 per hour.

The hospitals included are Mercy Health St. Mary’s, Mercy Health Muskegon and Mercy Health on the Lakeshore in Shelby.

They currently employ about 7,000 people in West Michigan, and this wage increase is impacting about 2,100 of them. 

Employees already making between $15 and $19 per hour will see increased wages to compensate. 

The goal of this is to fill vacancies during the pandemic and keep the hospital competitive. 

“There’s a lot of new and emerging markets that have placed pressure that historically we haven’t seen,” said Mary Rosser, the chief human resources officer at Mercy Health St. Mary’s. “So as those new external changes emerge in our market, we are continually evaluating our compensation packages to make sure they’re attractive and meeting the needs of what people in the workforce are looking for now as opposed to what they were looking for five years ago.”

Other local hospitals have released statements regarding the newly announced wage increase at Mercy Health:

Statement from Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital:

“The minimum wage at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital was increased to $14.50 per hour last July. Discussions are already underway about raising it again to $15.00 per hour.”

Statement from Spectrum Health:

“At Spectrum Health, we regularly review wages for market competitiveness and make adjustments periodically.

“For example, this year we were able to increase starting wages for positions such as environmental services, medical assistants and nurse techs which resulted in higher wages for 25% of our workforce or more than 7,500 team members. The increases range from $.50 to $2.25/hour. Some increases were more than others depending on where team members were on the pay scale. Averaging $15/hour for entry level positions, Spectrum Health continues to invest in individuals in these roles.

“Our people are vital to our mission of improving health, inspiring hope and saving lives. We want our team members to provide the best possible care to our community. Our people make all the difference.”