Reminder: Flip that ballot to finish voting

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — For many voters, the flip side of the ballot is forgotten and sometimes ignored.

Along with the various state and local judgeships and other nonpartisan candidates, there are also questions that may hit more close to home. But even in a high-turnout election, voters often skip filling in those backside ovals.

“People don’t realize that we’re passing millages, with a small percentage of voters participating in those big numbers,” Kent County Elections Director Gerrid Uzarski said.

Down the ballot, you may see local millages and other taxation questions, plus elections for city and village councils and school boards.

“Don’t forget about these guys. They’re important races,” Uzarski said. “Of course, the president’s on there and some other important state races. But then they see this and all of the sudden, they don’t even know who these positions are. So it’s important to do some research.”

Most candidates and ballot issues have websites explaining their positions and impacts.

While Michigan Supreme Court races are nonpartisan, nonincumbents are nominated by the political parties.

“If you don’t feel comfortable with it, don’t guess. Find the candidate or the party that you prefer and go with that. Don’t just arbitrary mark and vote because there’s a spot there,” Uzarski said.

You can learn more about the statewide and Grand Rapids ballot proposals, plus the state Supreme Court candidates, inside’s election section.