7-year-old Detroit girl dies after drive-by shooting at home

DETROIT (AP) — A 7-year-old Detroit girl who was inside a house when she was shot in a drive-by shooting has died, her family said Friday.

Reginae Williams was shot Wednesday night.

“Such a sweet, sweet beautiful baby,” her mother, Etosha Williams, said.

“It’s sad that as parents you put your child to sleep and you lay them on the couch, and you’re thinking that all is well but yet a coward decides that they have nothing better to do than come and shoot rounds into a house,” Williams said.

There were eight other children and two adults in the house.

As a Christian, Williams said she must forgive the shooter, but she still wants justice.

“Please turn yourself in,” Williams said.

Police Chief James Craig said the suspects, who were in a dark vehicle, will be caught.

“Reginae was struck by gunfire — and again for what? We’re going to find you,” Craig said.

In Flint, police are investigating a drive-by shooting that killed a 3-year-old boy on Oct. 23.