Wind Advisory – Lakeshore Flood Warning – Gale Warnings

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Posted: Oct 31, 2020 / 04:30 AM EDT Updated: Oct 31, 2020 / 05:42 AM EDT

A Wind Advisory will be in effect for the lakeshore counties from 8 pm today (Sat.) until 7 pm Sunday. Winds at the lakeshore are expected to increase to +30 mph with gusts as high as 55 mph possible. A Lakeshore Flood Warning will be in effect from 1 am Sunday to 1 am Monday. The GRR NWS says: “SIGNIFICANT EROSION OF BEACHES AND DUNES, INUNDATION OF LOW-LYING AREAS ALONG THE LAKESHORE AND IN RIVER MOUTHS, AND ROAD CLOSURES ARE POSSIBLE.”

Gale Warnings will also be in effect – from 2 pm today (Sat.) until 1 am Monday for waves possible building to 10-14 feet. The map above is a wave forecast for 4 pm Sunday.

Weekend Forecast

In the meantime, enjoy this Halloween Saturday. It’ll be sunny most of the day, with clouds approaching from the west-northwest towards evening. It’ll become breezy with south winds increasing to 15 mph. Highs will reach the low 50s and it’ll still be in the mid-upper 40s in the evening. Temperatures Sunday may be warmest at 12:01 am – upper 40s, then fall to the low 40s shortly before sunrise, then fall to the low 30s by evening.

We’ll likely see a band of rain move in around or shortly after midnight from the WNW. That will likely change to snow showers with an inch or less on the grass and while most of the snow will melt quickly on the roads, it may snow hard enough to get a slick spot or two.

After Sunday, things calm down. We’ll stay cool, but partly sunny on Monday with a nice warming trend for the midweek thru next weekend.

Don’t forget the time change tonight. We move the clock back on hour (to Eastern Standard Time). Sunday, the sun will rise at 7:18 am and the sun will set at 5:34 pm. BTW, if we did stay on Daylight Savings Time through the winter, the sun would rise at 9:14 am in the first week of January.

We also have both a full (Hunter’s) moon and a blue moon (2nd full moon in a calendar month) this weekend. Anyone (my age) remember this tune.

Graphic from the N. Indiana NWS