November was Sunny and Warm

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Posted: Dec 2, 2020 / 04:32 AM EST Updated: Dec 2, 2020 / 05:17 AM EST

November 2020 was warmer, drier and sunnier than average in West Michigan. The average temperature of 44.3° was 4.2° warmer than average, and a whopping 9.7° warmer than November last year. In Nov. 2019, the warmest temperature all month was 54°. This year, we had 6 days with high temperatures in the 70s, 3 more days with highs in the 60s and 6 more days with highs in the 50s. Muskegon was 5.7° warmer than average in November

Precipitation was below average, with 2.27″ in Gr. Rapids – that’s 1.24″ below average. Muskegon was 1.47″ below average and Kalamazoo was 1.38″ below average. Despite the below average precipitation, the Grand River at Grand Rapids is still running at 108% of average flow as I write this Wed. AM (12/2).

Snow in Northern Ohio 12 1 20 pic. from WYTV

The pic. above shows snow in Northern Ohio (east of Cleveland) the morning of Dec. 1 (Tue.) Snowfall totaled just 0.4″ in Grand Rapids – compared to an average of 6.8″. Snowfall totaled 1.5″ in Kalamazoo and 1.2″ in Muskegon. Detroit had 3.5″ of snow in November and another 2.5″ yesterday (12/1) bringing their season snowfall total up to 6.0″.

The storm brought 6.8″ of new snow to Pittsburgh and 9.5″ to Cleveland. Other snowfall totals: 16″ S. of Union City OH, 15″ Jamestown PA,13.3″ at Orwell OH, 12.5″ at Lakeview OH and 12″ at Greenville PA, Lyndhurst OH, and Aurora OH. Snow fell all the way down to N. Mississippi and N. Alabama. Up north, Marquette MI is up to 32.1″ for the season.

Sunset 12 1 20 near Coopersville by Steve Damstra

A couple of next pics. from Steve Damstra – the first above is sunset looking southwest from Coopersville at some lake-effect low clouds about 20 miles to the west out over the lake. Below is a snowy owl that has made it down to West Michigan, most likely from the far north of Canada.

Snowy Owl – from Steve Damstra