Some Snow, But No Big Storms

Bill’s Blog

Posted: Jan 14, 2021 / 04:10 AM EST Updated: Jan 14, 2021 / 04:10 AM EST

So far, this month of January is running 5.1° warmer than average. We’ve had just 0.35″ of precipitation and only 2.2″ of snow. Grand Rapids has now gone 8 days without seeing a single snowflake.

While we will get some snow Friday and over the weekend, it won’t be a lot of snow. This is the latest 7-day precipitation forecast from the Weather Prediction Center. They give West Michigan only around 1/4″ of precipitation. If all or mostly snow, that might be 2-3″. You can also see that there isn’t much difference between the lakeshore and inland areas. So, the air is still not cold enough to generate a lot of lake-effect snow. However, the lake is still open water, and down the road the possibility exists of more significant lake-effect snow – just not in the next week.