Cool (literally and figuratively) Satellite Pics.

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Posted: Feb 20, 2021 / 04:20 AM EST Updated: Feb 20, 2021 / 06:23 AM EST

Bet you’ll never see a satellite picture like this again in your lifetime. Almost all that white on the ground across Texas is snow on the ground. You can see the dark open water of reservoirs in NE Texas. Literally hundreds and hundreds of snowfall and temperature records were set this past week from Canada down into Mexico, with some cities having their biggest snowstorm ever (nearly a foot of snow in Del Rio, Texas) and some setting or coming close to their all-time record low temperatures. There was snow on the ground over about half of Louisiana and the snow extended down past the Rio Grande into Mexico. Waco set a record for 205 consecutive hours at or below freezing – the old record was 168 hours. How cold each state got this past week.

Northern hemisphere snow cover extent and North America hits a new cover record!

Snowfall past 8 days – a LOT of snow
Record cold!

NWS Weather Prediction Center@NWSWPC·8h Over 3000 daily record cold temperatures (minimum and maximum) have now been reported from February 12-17 at 𝙡𝙤𝙣𝙜 𝙩𝙚𝙧𝙢 𝙤𝙗𝙨𝙚𝙧𝙫𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣𝙨 (75+ years of data). Within that dataset there were 79 all-time cold records!

Check out this satellite loop of the ice in southern Lake Michigan. With a west wind the ice was moving slowly east and as you can see in this pic. from the Chicago water intake, there is open water where the wind has pushed the ice away from shore:

Chicago Water Intake pic. of downtown Chicago Fri. PM 2 19 21
Satellite picture of the Western Great Lakes Fri. PM 2 19 21

This is the Western Great Lakes satellite ;picture from Fri. PM. The western third of Lake Superior is mostly frozen over…so no lake-effect clouds or snow in the western U.P. There is ice in S. Lake Michigan and lake-effect clouds in W. Michigan. You can see ice in Saginaw Bay and in most of Lake Erie.

Satellite view of S. Lake Michigan ice on 2 19 21

Click on this link to see an animation of the satellite view above. This is S. Lake Michigan and you can see the ice. The west wind was pushing the ice away from shore and opening up cracks. Too many people (mostly fishermen) have been caught on the ice when it’s pulled away from shore. This happens on Saginaw Bay, on Green Bay and on ice in Lake Erie.

South Haven ice 2 19 21

The ice at South Haven has built well out past the breakwaters and there is plenty of ice in the channel. You couldn’t walk on it…lots of holes and thin spots here…and if you do venture out on the breakwaters (piers), do be careful that you don’t slip on the ice and fall into the water. Always beware of the channels – they are river mouths and flowing water underneath the ice makes the ice unstable.

Muskegon Channel 2 19 21

Here’s the Muskegon Channel. It was snowing here at 9 am when this pic. was taken. There’s plenty of ice, but lots of open water in the channel. The ice in the foreground is NOT safe to walk on.

Thunder Bay Island 2 19 21

This is the Thunder Bay Island Lighthouse. I’ve watched this camera and the ice has built out from shore over the past several days.

Alpena – Thunder Bay River

This is Alpena and the Thunder Bay River. If you look close, there’s one ice fisherman right below the twin spires of St. Anne’s Church.

Lake Superior satellite picture 2 19 21

This is the Lake Superior satellite picture from Fri. 2 19 21 – You can see the ice in the west part of the lake and some lake-effect clouds over the open water in the east half of the lake.

Marquette hasn’t been warmer than the low 20s in the last 2 weeks and for the month, their AVERAGE temperature is just 5.9 degrees. They have only had 11″ of snow this month, less than half the snow total that Grand Rapids has had this month.

Sunset – Thursday 2 18 21

Here’s another awesome sunset pic. at Grand Haven from musician and photographer extraordinaire Steve Damstra. You can trace his work here.

Snow for Sunday PM/night in N. Indiana and far S. Michigan

Also: The facebook page of the Bureau of Meteorology in Australia has been blocked. How to stay warm when the power goes out in winter. Lots of snow on the other side of Lake Michigan where I grew up in Wilmette IL. Feb. 15 was the coldest day in Oklahoma history. A little bit of snow in Utah. 8 feet of snow in 7 days! Alyeska AK is up to 605″ of snow for the winter. -50 deg. Friday AM at Arctic Village AK. Gulf Shores sunset. Snow in Israel. Snow in NYC. Climate models have not done well this month. Hurricane hits SE Africa. Sparkling ice in Mississippi. Assigning blame for the blackouts in Texas.