Ice and Snow Continues to Grow

Posted: Feb 21, 2021 / 02:25 AM EST Updated: Feb 21, 2021 / 05:10 AM EST

it was nice to see a little sunshine on Saturday. This was sunset at South Haven. I saw at least 50 people on the beach and the pier (breakwater or breakwall) and one large kite that someone was flying. We have more snow on the way. Here’s radar (which should update automatically) so you can come back and watch the snow move in this (Sunday) evening:

Snowfall totals Sunday night are expected to be from 1-4″. There will be enough snow to cause some slick spots on the roads for the Monday AM commute.

Here’s the G.R. NWS graphic on the Sunday night snow. It’ll be a bit breezy Sunday (southeast winds) and Monday (west winds).

Graphic on the Sunday night snow from the Gaylord NWS

This is the graphic on the snow tonight from the NWS in N. Indiana. Most of the daytime Sunday and Monday it will be dry. We could see a band of snow Monday night (generally an inch or less).

Season Snowfall

Here’s season snowfall. It’s interesting that both Lansing (to the east) and Chicago (to the west) have had more snow than Muskegon. Chicago is actually 18″ above average-to-date. Lansing is 3.8″ above average-to-date. Milwaukee has had 44.1″ of snow this winter – that’s 8.9″ above average-to-date.

Other season snowfalls: Hastings 39.2″, Scottville 49.5″, Fremont also 49.5″, Holland 51.1″, Hart 55.8″.

National Snowcover on Saturday 2 20 21

This was snowcover Saturday – again a very high 66.3% of the country woke up to see snow on the ground – including large parts of Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi. There was snowcover along the entire length of the Natchez Trace from Nashville TN to Natchez MS. Up in Alaska, Arctic Village dipped to -50F. Alyeska AK added one more inch of snow, bringing their season total to 606″. The snow there was 12 feet deep.

Lake Michigan satellite picture Sat. 2 20 21

Here’s the Saturday PM Lake Michigan satellite picture. It’s sunny in Wisconsin, you can see snow on the ground. the open water in Lake Michigan is dark-colored. We have lake-effect clouds forming over the lake and moving east into West Michigan, though there are numerous breaks in the clouds.

Great Lakes satellite picture Sat. 2 20 21

Here’s the entire Great Lakes. You can see mostly ice in the western part of Lake Superior, in Green Bay, in much of Georgian and Saginaw Bays in Lake Huron (along with a convergence band of lake-effect clouds and snow showers over the middle of Lake Huron. Much of Lake Erie has ice on it now.

Low temperatures Sunday AM

Lake Michigan and cloud cover can make a difference. These are the low temperatures Saturday morning. Muskegon and Holland had a low temp. of 21. Fremont, where it was clear got down to +3 and farther east there there was cloud cover, the low was 18 at Alma – tough forecast!

Here’s some snow depths Saturday – Holland topping the list at 18″ – though I did see Buchanan in Berrien Co. with 22″ on the ground. Also: Plainwell 17″, Lansing, Kalamazoo, Hopkins and Wayland had 15″ on the ground, 14″ at Hasings and Grand Ledge, 13″ at Jackson, Belmont, Walker, White Cloud and Paw Paw, 12″ in Grand Rapids, Eaton Rapids and Lowell, 11″ in East Grand Rapids and 9″ at Big Rapids. The LEAST amount of snow on the ground anywhere in Michigan was 7″.

The most in the U.P. was 45″ at Painesdale and the most in Lower Michigan was 27″ at Petoskey.

Solar noon is now at 12:56 pm. The sun angle at noon is up to 36 degrees (up from 24 degrees at the Winter Solstice. We gain 2 min. and 48 sec. of daylight each day now.

The power is slowly coming back on down south. Here are the # of customers without power at 2:30 am Sun.: Mississippi 39,544, Texas 37,591, Oregon (also had freezing rain problems), 34,171 in W. Virginia and 30,605 in Kentucky. You can check the latest numbers at

Also – high temp. of 69.4° in Beijing, China – warmest ever in February. Eruption of Mt. Etna on Sat. Monday, Feb. 15, 2021, looks like it was the coldest of days over the past week in Texas. The 24-hour average state-wide temperature was approximately 12F. Sun pillar.