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Posted: Mar 1, 2021 / 02:16 AM EST Updated: Mar 1, 2021 / 02:16 AM EST

The map above from the Weather Prediction Center shows anticipated precipitation over the next week. Note that there is no rain or snow forecast for West Michigan. Much of the rain is confined to the Southern U.S. and the immediate West Coast.

This is good news on several fronts…first, we’re melting the snow and getting the ice out of the rivers without (so far) any significant flooding. Also, we are continuing to see the pattern favor reducing the water level of the Great Lakes. The robins appreciate some bare ground to walk around on, rather than having a foot of snow on the ground. However…

8-14 Day Temperature Forecast from the Climate Prediction Center for March 8 – 14.

We are concerned about warm temperatures in March and April. They can make the blossoms come out too early on the fruit trees, leaving them susceptible to frost. Also, years with early warm weather can bring severe storms and tornadoes north into Michigan. Remember 2012 – warmest month ever relative to average – 15+ degrees warmer than average. Frost not only ruined the fruit crop, but we had the Dexter Twister (an EF3, I believe) over near Ann Arbor…don’t want that. I’ve mentioned that La Nina patterns often bring an increased risk of severe storms. Last year we did not have a single tornado in Lower Michigan.