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Posted: Mar 3, 2021 / 12:14 AM EST Updated: Mar 3, 2021 / 03:00 AM EST

My snowdrops are blooming! There’s over 100 of them by my front door close to the brick wall of the house. These flowers will grow right through the snow. How do they know it’s time to rise and shine? they are often out in mid-late February – sometimes March in a really cold and snowy late winter (2015).

I got about a couple dozen of these tiny bulbs at Flowerland about 30 years ago and they have multiplied through the years. For the amount of $$ I paid, this has brought arguably the greatest return on investment of anything I have ever purchased. With the late mums and sub-zero pansies, I only go a little over 2 months without seeing flowers outside. I also bring some flowers onto the unheated front porch, where they seem to make it through the winter (including that night it was -12° back on 2/17).

When the snowdrops are done in a few weeks, the crocuses are up, then the daffodils, then the tulips, then the blossoms and it’s spring! It’s really fun to watch the land come alive again.

Western Great Lakes satellite picture 3 2 21

ALSO: Northern Lights last night in Manitoba. The kp-index was at a 5 during the night. By 1945, over 900 women were employed as observers & forecasters by the U.S. Weather Bureau (during WWII). There’s a hurricane off NE Australia (drifting away from land). Did you know there was a Toilet Board Coalition? Timelapse of the volcano, Mt. Sinabung in Indonesia, erupting on Tue. 50 mph gust on the east side of Lake Mitchell in Cadillac Tue. PM. One year ago – the Nashville tornadoes. Key Largo sunset. Accu-Weather Spring Forecast (let’s hope most of the severe weather stays to our south). Flooding in KY. Very cool iridescent clouds. Mt. St. Helens – the volcano that blew it’s top in May 1980. Wet weather for he West Coast. Sandy sunset. Tue. AM – Mt. Washington NH had a temp. of -27 with a steady wind of 101 mph! 9 years ago, devastating tornadoes hit Henryville IN and W. Liberty KY. Winter summary from the G.R. NWS.