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Posted: Mar 3, 2021 / 11:31 PM EST Updated: Mar 4, 2021 / 04:25 AM EST

The above pic. is from our Noto’s at the BilMar camera at Grand Haven. This is the Grand Haven Lighthouse and you can see a number of people walking on the ice out past the lighthouse. To the right of the lighthouse, the Grand River empties into Lake Michigan. There is a combination of ice and open water at the bottom of the picture. Some of this ice formed east of Chicago. A brisk west wind caused the ice to break off and drift east to the Michigan shore (east side of the lake). Interesting video at the link if you haven’t seen it.

Above is the Lake Michigan satellite picture from Wed. PM. You can see the ice along the Michigan shore, thickest west of Ottawa and N. Allegan Counties. You can also see the white snow that was left on the ground over the land areas (though it has pretty much melted away south and southeast of Kent County/Grand Rapids.

Zoomed-in satellite pic. of Lake Michigan Wed. 3 3 21

Here’s a close-up view of the ice at Lake Michigan. It was a sunny, warm day with a high temp. of 50° in Grand Rapids an 54° at Kalamazoo. However, it was much cooler at Lake Michigan, where the wind was coming off the cold lake water and ice. The high temp. at Holland St. Park was just 36° and the high was just 37° at the beach in Muskegon and in South Haven.

Sunset at South Haven on Wed. 3/3/21

I never get tired of seeing a pretty sunset. This was at S. Haven Wed. evening. Daylight increases the fastest (2 min. and 55 sec. a day) from March 3 to March 25. Today (Thu. – 3/4, the sun rises to 41° above the southern horizon at solar noon, which is at 12:54 pm. That’s up from 24° above the horizon at the Winter Solstice. Check out the hours of daylight gained during the month of March in N. America.

Sun Pillar from Elizabeth Ponstein

Here’s a nice pic. from Elizabeth Ponstein of a sun pillar – taken right after sunset. Also a narrow ribbon of aerosols gave the sunset an orangeish look this (Wed.) evening – anyone have an idea where the aerosols came from?

It won’t be quite as sunny this Thursday. Skies will be partly to mostly cloudy with temperatures in the mid-upper 30s during the day, a good 10° cooler than yesterday. Then mostly sunny on Friday and over the weekend. We’ll see cool temps. at night. We’re still on track for warmer weather next week and rain for the middle of next week.

Also: Three volcanoes erupt at the same time in Guatemala. Beautiful pics. of the Grand Haven Lighthouse when it was ice-covered. La Nina may bring an increased number of severe storms this spring and summer. SpaceX Starship SN10 explodes after nailing landing. Mars, Pleiades star cluster pair up very closely. Giant snow snake. The moon, photographed once a day for a month from the same position at the same time. Of course, you’d need clear skies for a month to get this composite pic. Accu-Weather estimates that total damages from the February cold, ice and snow could reach 170 billion dollars. That’s more costly than all the hurricanes this season combined.