Winter Weather Advisory – for Hawaii

Usually, when the sun goes down, the temperature falls. Once in a great while, a warm front comes through and the temperature will rise during the evening or overnight. Once in a while, on a calm clear night, the wind will come up and bring down some warmer air from above the surface or a cloud layer moves in the temperature fall will stop and maybe go up a few degrees.

It’s not uncommon for this to happen at the Lake Michigan shore and that is what happened Sunday evening. At the Muskegon Channel, the temperature was 32.5° at 5 pm and the humidity was 75%. At 9 pm, the temp. was up to 34.5°. At 10 pm, the temp. there was 37.6° and at 11 pm, it was up to 39.2°. By 10 pm, the humidity had fallen to 46.4%. At the same time, the wind was increasing. At 9 pm, the wind was just 6 mph…At 10 pm is was 11 mph and at 11 pm it was up to 19 mph. The pic. above was sunset at the Muskegon Channel Sunday evening (3/7/21).