Cooler Pattern for Mid-April

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Posted: Apr 6, 2021 / 09:57 PM EDT Updated: Apr 7, 2021 / 03:20 AM EDT

This is the 8-14 Day Outlook for April 14-20 from the Climate Prediction Center. Looks like a pattern change is coming. It’s been warmer than average east of the Rockies and cooler than average in the Pacific Northwest. That pattern is going to flip, with warmer than average temperatures in the West and cooler than average conditions across much of the Central and Eastern U.S.

The average high temperature for April 14-20 in Gr. Rapids is 59° and the average low temperature is 38°. The average date of the last freeze (32°) in West Michigan varies from May 1 in downtown Kalamazoo to May 29 in Baldwin. For Grand Rapids, it’s May 6.

It’s certainly possible that we could see a period of snow showers (probably light) sometime between Tue. and Fri. of next week.

High Temperatures in Grand Rapids April 6 2021

These are the high temperatures for this Tuesday. For much of West Michigan, it was the warmest day since last October 9th. We saw temperatures climb to the low 80s in Kalamazoo, Battle Creek and Lansing.

Temperatures for April 6 in Grand Rapids

The high of 78° in Grand Rapids was 24° above the average high of 54° for April 6. However, it was still 3° shy of the record high of 81° set in 1921 (100 years ago) and again in 1981. This year so far, Grand Rapids has had 57 days that have been warmer than average, 33 days that have been cooler than average and 6 days that have been exactly average.

Temperatures in Kalamazoo for Tuesday 4/6

Kalamazoo’s high of 81° was 25° higher than average and also 3° shy of the record high of 84° set in 1929.

South Haven Tuesday PM

We usually show Lake Michigan with our South Haven camera, but this PM, I turned it around to look up at the city along the river. You can see the trees (maples?) just starting to turn a bit red. It was a great day for some blueberry ice cream. It was a touch cooler at the lake, with a high of 73° at the S. Haven Lighthouse. The Muskegon Beach had a high temp. of 61.2° and that didn’t occur until 7 pm.

Record Low Temperature Tied at Fairbanks, Alaska

While we’ve been unseasonably warm, much of Alaska has been unseasonably cold. Fairbanks dipped to a record tying -24° early Tuesday morning.

NWS Fairbanks@NWSFairbanks · Apr 5 With today being a lock for a high temperature under 40°F, we have just set a new record in Fairbanks! It has been 177 days since we hit 40°F, which breaks the previous record of 176 days back in the winter of 1965-1966. #akwx

The coldest spot in our 49th state was a chilly -33F at Bettles.

ALSO – The high temperature of 90° at Sioux Falls, South Dakota was the earliest that they have ever reached 90°…but MUCH colder air will move into the Plains for the 3rd week of April. Windy in Colorado. Hail up to tennis ball-size in the Plains. Double rainbow in MN. Snow and unseasonably cold air grips much of Europe. Salton Sea sunset. Gaylord MI set a new record high temp. of 77 on Tue. Utah state capitol building with snow on the ground after temps. were in the 80s last weekend. Turbulent sky. This is going to be AWESOME!

NWS Marquette Someone order a lake breeze? Marquette area dropped 15 to 20 degrees in last 30 minutes!!! Our office dropped 6 degrees within the first minute! From Keflavik, Iceland: One of the coldest readings for April on record (apparently the coldest since 1968). Slow-motion snow. Snow in Maine. Fires set in vineyards of France to inhibit frost.