Scattered Showers, Chc. T-Storm – Marginal Chance of Severe

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Posted: Apr 8, 2021 / 02:49 AM EDT Updated: Apr 8, 2021 / 09:34 AM EDT

There will be a few scattered showers today and a chance of a thunderstorm. The showers will be moving from south to north. Any thundershowers could kick up a gust of wind and brief heavy rain is likely with the heaviest showers and thundershowers. Here’s radar:

Southern Lower Michigan Radar
Regional Radar
Severe Weather Risk Map for Thursday 4/8/21

The Storm Prediction Center has put much of S. Lower Michigan in the Marginal Risk Area for possible severe thunderstorms from midday through this evening. SPC says: “…THERE IS A MARGINAL RISK OF SEVERE THUNDERSTORMS FROM THE NORTHERN GULF COAST ACROSS EASTERN TENNESSEE AND KENTUCKY…AND NORTHWARD INTO SOUTHERN LOWER MICHIGAN…A cold front will extend southeast from the low, across WI, Lower MI, and southward…storms from OH into Lower MI may pose at least a marginal wind threat…”

Storm Reports

There were two relatively small tornadoes in Louisiana on Wednesday. In the 8 days from March 31 – April 7, there were only 3 small tornadoes in the entire U.S. We did have 7 mostly marginal severe hail reports – and smaller hail fell from thunderstorms in NE Illinois and SE Wisconsin. There were 40 reports of severe criteria winds (over 58 mph) or wind damage from thunderstorms. Playground equipment was flipped and a picnic table overturned at Ixonia, Wisconsin.

Last year there was a Severe Thunderstorm Watch for much of West Michigan on April 7.

Highs/Lows at Muskegon

Muskegon set a daily high temperature on Wednesday with a high of 79°. Muskegon was 2° warmer than Sarasota, Florida.

Highs/Lows for Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids reached 80° on Wednesday – the warmest day since last September. Grand Rapids was warmer than Tampa, Panama City and Fort Lauderdale FL.

Sunset at South Haven, Michigan on April 7

Yet another awesome sunset at South Haven…the big red ball setting as dozens looked on the piers. With an onshore breeze, it was almost as warm right at the water. The high temp. at the South Haven Lighthouse was 76° and the high temperature at the Muskegon Beach was 74°.

High Temperatures Forecast for Alaska this Thursday

We continue to be unseasonably warm, while much of Alaska is unseasonably cold. One spot is forecast to have a HIGH temperature of -23F. Wednesday morning, Bettles AK had a low temperature of -34. The Barrow Airport had a high temperature of -10F – they haven’t been above zero since 3/25 and they haven’t been to +10 since March 10.

Percent chanee of a below freezing temperature on April 16 (from WeatherBell)

Cooler weather for sure next week. Saturday will be the last really warm day (for the first half of April). The map above is the % chance of a below freezing low temperature the morning of April 16. I don’t know yet which day will be the coolest, but next week there will be quite a few days with daytime temps. from the upper 40s to mid 50s. After the showers taper off on Sunday, much of next week should be dry.

Also: Numerous record low temperatures in France. How about this flash of lightning. Heavy rain in the Upper Midwest. How about this lightning flash. What lightning looks like from satellite. GIGANTIC dust devil in Australia. Spring snowstorm. Windy in CO and TX.