Florida and the South Hit By Severe Storms

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Posted: Apr 12, 2021 / 09:50 PM EDT Updated: Apr 12, 2021 / 09:50 PM EDT

Tornado damage at Bradenton, Florida

Severe thunderstorms hit the southern U.S. late last week and over the weekend. A total of 33 tornadoes were reported in the South, along with hail up to baseball-size and measured wind gusts to 85 mph (at Fort Walton Beach FL). You might have seen this video of the wind whipping the rain past the hotel sliding doors. A tornado in Landry Parish LA resulted in one fatality and seven injuries.

In Florida, there was one storm fatality, a 17-year old girl that stepped on a live power line that was downed by the storm. There was also one injury at Bradenton Florida, where an EF1 tornado occurred with winds of 95 mph. One 5-unit townhouse had approx. one million dollars in damage.

The map above shows 7-day accumulated rainfall. Here’s some 24-hour rainfall totals: Gulfport MS 4.56″, Biloxi MS, Pascagoula MS 3.74″, Mobile AL 3.48″, New Orleans 2.35″. Some 24-hour rainfall totals from Florida: Pensacola 4.03″, Myakka Head 3.01″, Winter Haven 2.41″, Orlando 2.19″, Fort Pierce 2.13″, Tampa 2.06″, Fort Myers 2.05″.